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1. Suff Daddy Raki For 600
2. Euroteuro Teuer
3. Shirley Holmes Das Licht
4. Stereo Total Mehr Licht
5. Porridge Radio Back To The Radio
6. The Robocop Kraus Snake
7. Rolf Blumig Sicherheit
8. Gianni Brezzo Flower Rain
9. Esches Hope
Moderation: Ameera Lumb Musikauswahl: Ameera Lumb
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1. RAYE The Thrill Is Gone
2. Girl Scout All The Time And Everywhere
3. The Brian Jonestown Massacre Do Rainbows Have Friends
4. Unknown Mortal Orchestra Layla
5. De La Soul Eye Know
6. TELL A VISION Mockumentary
7. The Brian Jonestown Massacre Stuck To Yous
8. brdmm It's Just A Bit Of Blood
9. RAYE Escapism
10. Orbital Ringa Ringa
11. Overmono Is U
12. Wodda Foot to the Floor
13. Joe Bellingham Drawing Animals
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1. Karin Rabhansl Rodeo
2. Tele Flûff Step in the Rainbow
3. Bush.ida MONDLICHT (feat. Moglii)
4. Tennis Forbidden Doors
5. Tristan Brusch Wahnsinn mich zu lieben
6. girli ImposterSyndrome
7. Quiz Show What If
8. Loupe Caught In The Moment
9. Unknown Mortal Orchestra Layla
10. Forest Fly Away
12. Otra E&M
13. Phew Our Likeness
14. remeny lost keys
15. Miss Grit Follow the Cyborg
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1. Arlo Parks Softly
2. Messer Anorak
3. Suuns Maerials
4. Stephen Malkmus & Von Spar Spoon
5. Mitski Working for the Knife
6. The Go! Team Look Away, Look Away
7. Remeny No Touching Bodies
8. Euroteuro Teuer
9. Foxes Kathleen
Teardrop's Digest
Moderation: Martin Schmidt Musikauswahl: Martin Schmidt
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1. AMMER/EINHEIT Radio Inferno Cantum I
2. LEONARD NIMOY I'd Love Making Love To You
3. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE (Musik aus dem Album Dolores - Hintergrundmusik)
6. SHELLAC Prayer To God
7. SEE YA! It's Nothing Really
10. PATRICK WOLF Penzance
11. SPELL Tibet
12. SOFT CELL Martin
13. BOYD RICE Theme From Pearls Before Swine
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. The Poor Lover
2. Heroes and Monsters I knew you were the devil
3. Pascow Daniel & Hermes
4. The Baboon Show Groundhog Day
5. Autumn's Child I can't get enough
6. Uriah Heep Silver Sunlight
7. Girish and The Cronicles Ride to hell (Album der Sendung "Back on Earth" im Bereich Rock)
8. Girish and The Cronicles Born with a big attitude (Album der Sendung "Back on Earth" im Bereich Rock)
9. Black Cat Moan Departure
10. The Hollywood Stars The Bottom
11. Uli Sailor Linoleum
12. Rulaman Thirty nine
13. Electric Mob Love Cage
14. Pristine Ghost with a gun
15. Men and the Man Shallow
16. Love Gang Deathride (Album der Sendung "Meanstreak" im Bereich Rock)
17. Love Gang Meanstreak (Album der Sendung "Meanstreak" im Bereich Rock)
18. Ronnie Romero Fast as a shark
19. Joe Henry Kitchen Door
20. Margo Price Change of heart
21. The Arcs Behind the eyes
22. Barnabas Sky One or the other
23. Girish and The Cronicles Loaded (Album der Sendung "Back on Earth" im Bereich Rock)
Moderation: Dr. Best Musikauswahl: Dr. Best
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1. Moormann Cunning Zombies Self-Released (Bandcamp)
2. Thommie G Edge (Chomba Remix) Magician On Duty
3. Torn Sail Scared Of My Heart (Andre Lodemann Remix) Best Works Records
4. Ivory Goldsmith Bufos
5. Elec & Dave Dinger Strangelet Heinz Music
6. Everything But The Girl Missing (Guzy Edit) White Label
7. Shahrokh Dini Inner Core For Love (feat. Illinois) Compost Black Label
8. Amane Another Time Musica Macondo
9. Moormann Wedding Cake Self-Released (Bandcamp)
10. Moormann Coronal Ultra Self-Released (Bandcamp)
11. Beanfield Looking Up Compost Records
12. Borak Le Magistrat (Dario Klein Remix) Magician On Duty
13. Denes Toth Automagic New Tab Music
14. Carlo Whale Ananke New Tab Music
15. Felkon Orbiter 54 Eastern Standard
16. Scadta Phuckphone (Original Mix) Kaputt.wav
17. Takiru Much To Love (Jepe Remix) Stripped Down Records
18. Joseph Disco Nevermind (Vakabular Remix) Heinz Music
19. Kevin Paul Dance Again Heinz Music
20. Parallela Q Point Stripped Down Records
21. Dos Locos Let's Go Maccabi House
22. Jepe & Vars Apedemak Duat Folklore
23. PointBender CBD Harmonious Discord
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1. The Lust-O-Rama I need to know
2. Bilbao Right Above Your Open Eyes
3. Big Thief The Only Place
4. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard You
5. Organ Mug Eysins
6. Automatic New Beginning
7. Jono McCleery Moonlight Parade
8. Black Wave Good Day
9. Capitalation S-MASTER
10. Banditos Wasted Time
11. Belle und Sebastian If they're Shooting At You
12. The hanging stars I don't want to feel so bad anymorer
13. My morning Jacket Love Love Love
14. Ach Eimer Huenerherzen Jetzt Auch In Berlin
15. Die Aeronauten Schnee
16. SOJA Things you can't control
Castrop Rauxel
Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Yves Tumor Echolalia
2. Zoë Mc Pherson Potentials
3. Fever Ray Kandy
4. Wolf Eyes / U Eye Trio Courted Reverb
5. Bianca Scout Empty Space
6. Adela Mede Spolu
7. Marlene Ribeiro You Do It
8. Grand River Kura
9. Kali Malone (featuring Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton) Does Spring Hide Its Joy v2.3
10. Meg Baird Ashes, Ashes
Moderation: martin vetter Musikauswahl: martin vetter
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1. Joseph Boys Stereotype
2. Tonic Walter SteyThereMaster
3. Built To Spuill Understood
4. Der Mann Intro (Formular & Guitar)
5. carina Skets and Stoners
6. Nikki Lane Pass It Down
7. Kiwi Jr. Night Vision
8. Iris Gold Girls Pick Up Your Drums
9. Automatic Skycraper
10. Roling Blackouts Endless Rooms
11. Erdmöbel Rosa Plastiktüte
12. L.A. Salami Desperate Times
13. Los Bitchos Tripping at a Party
14. Bilbao Get UP
Castrop Rauxel
Musikauswahl: martin vetter
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1. Guided by Voices Another Day to Heal
2. Fucked Up Roar
3. Messed Up Smash Patriarchy
4. Meg Baird Ship Captains
5. Sophie Lindinger Say My Name
6. Black Market Karma & Tess Parks The Sky Was All Diseased
7. Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys Burning Building
8. Miesha & the Spanks It's My Year
9. Alex Lahey Good Time
10. Nono Punch Somebody (feat. Xaverama)
11. KIDSØ & Natascha Polké What If
12. Hunney Pimp Die Beseste
13. Agar Agar Trouble
14. Dobbeltgjenger Genghis Khan
15. Atsuko Chiba So Much For
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. hintergrund: marsmobil palak paneer
2. belle and sebastian do you follow
3. detroit rebellion turnover
4. die türen-t.raumschmiere rmx mite, strom, gas
5. frank pop ensemble under the sea
6. kidso bloom in the cold
7. the inchtabokatables war only warw
8. mark mothersbough loquasto international film festival
9. hintergrundmusik Playlist
10. xx Playlist
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1. Iceage Shake The Feeling
2. Twin Tooth Gap Year
3. Alex The Astronaut Octopus
4. Catalyst Fairytales
5. Bodi Bill What If
6. Banditos Said And Done
7. Cascadeur Les ombres
8. Lisa LeBlanc Pourqoui faire aujourd'hui
9. Playlist
10. Band of Horses Warning Sings
11. The Smile Pana Vision
12. Jules Ahoi All Shall Be Well
13. Julia Jacklin be careful with yourself
14. Air Waves The Dance
15. Paula Paula Kaputtes gereat
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1. Los Bitchos Good To Go
2. anxious Your One Way To Go
3. Bikini Kill Rebel Girl
4. Ducks On Drugs Learn to Kill
5. The Postal Service Nothing Beter
6. Bikini Beach Stay At Home
7. The Yoohoos I'm A Little Dinosaur
8. Anomalie Mollo
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Matt Holubowski My Burrow Audiogram
2. Boygenius Dollar 20 Interscope
3. Ghost Woman Broke Full Time Hobby
4. Hotel Lux National Team The state51 Conspiracy
5. Meg Baird Star Hill Song Drag City
6. Talking To Turtles Grapefruit Knife Krokant Musik
7. Niklas Paschburg Dark Side Of the Hill feat Luisa 7K
8. Johannes Albert Suhle Frank Music
9. Emika Breath Cuts (Other Worldly Mix) Self
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1. Frank Popp Ensemble Torn up
2. brennenstuhl Stars In Her Eyes
3. My pleasure I'm Glad
4. Kunstloses Brot Warte mal
5. Sophie Lindinger Coffee
6. The Young Gods In C Part 5
7. Dans Dans Album_6_ Wolk
8. Air Waves Wait
9. Low Island Wasn't For Nothing
10. Planet Zwo Le Sablier
11. Nikki Lane Try Harder
12. Die Weltraumforscher Sweet Bird
13. Pet Owner Sonday Mood
14. Banditos On My Way
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1. Phil France The Breaks
2. My Pleasure Bhuna For Breakfast
3. Dirk von Lowtzow Fuck You Frontex
4. schubsen Kein kleiner Jux
5. Schwabinggrad Ballett Bodies Will Be Back
6. Las Kellies Funny Money
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. inchtabokatables tomatenfisch
2. poscow himmelhunde
3. poscow ich bin klar
4. poscow an die maulwürfe
5. anti flag victory or death
6. anti flag fet. campino only in my head
7. finna feat. sayes mino riot staying soft
8. meg baird will you follow me home
9. turbostaat otto muss fallen
10. thrice dead wake
11. the hellacopters don't hold on
12. wet leg it's not fun
13. the beths a real thing
14. guerilla toss zum herz
15. sex bomb-omb we are sex-bob-omb
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1. Unterleger: Phil France Circle
2. Detroit Rebellion Fake News
3. Sufjan Stevens & Angelo de Augustin Olympus
4. Tiny Ruins Olympic Girls
5. Fad Gadget Back to Nature
6. Quasi Nowheresville
7. Unterleger: Dan Deacon The Breakaway
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Black Sabbath N.I.B.
2. Television Venus
3. Juliane Werding Am Tag als Connie Kramer starb
4. Rotor Kahlschlag
5. Spell Terry
6. Stiff Little Fingers Listen (live 1989)
7. Katja Ebstein Wunder gibt es immer wieder
8. The Vibrations Cave Man
9. Aley Harvey Band Delilah (live)
10. Mina Heißer Sand
11. Glen Willings You Tarzan, me Jane
12. The Cure Doubt
13. Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen Quittenbrause
14. Dorthe Wärst Du doch in Düsseldorf geblieben
15. Aki Voodoo Drums
16. Iggy & The Stooges Gimme some skin
17. Barry Ryan Zeit macht nur vor dem Teufel halt
18. Wayne County Max's Kansas City
19. The Damned Neat neat neat
20. Swedish Death Candy Broken Engrames
21. The Ramones Judy is a Punk
22. X-Ray Spex Germ free Adolescents
23. SABU Back side of water
24. Michael Holm Ein verrückter Tag
25. The Dickies Nights in white satin
26. Suicide Ghost Riders
27. Wie immer größten Dank an die Mitgestalterin und Moderatorin Frau Prof. Dr. Küh und ihrem grandiosen Musikgeschmack